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3 sisters

by on November 1, 2011

Last week we visited the three sisters sanctuary in Goshen…

“… in this unique environment where art enhances nature and nature enhances art.” -three sisters sanctuary

The sanctuary was a way for Richard to express his love for his daughter, and a way to do so while doing something he loves. Perhaps it was a way for him to heal himself regarding the loss of his daughter. When he opened his exhibit to the public, it enabled him to share what he’d gone through. It seemed to me that things were organized to be unorganized. There was a large dragon’s head that was made out of concrete and glass, various bits or broken glass throughout the sanctuary as well as old and/or broken objects to give a view of his idea of art.

Richard Richardson enjoyed what he was doing, albeit it years of unfinished work. It seemed to me, that to him it meant a ‘job’ and doing what he loves… It also seemed to me that he put way too much thought into things that ‘should’ be so simple.

Whilst the stoves were more interesting, I know that I would not spend thousands of dollars on a stove, where I can get better functionality from a sears stove for a fraction of the price…


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