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Kitchell Trip

by on November 1, 2011

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A few weeks ago we went to the Pushkin Gallery in Greenfield. There, we saw an amazing presentation by local artist Peter Kitchell. We saw many of his lamps, some of which were colorful and vibrant, others of which represented cool scenes from real photos. Abstract was a word one would use quite frequently to describe the art in his gallery. Lamps of all sizes and shapes were there, each bearing a different image. His use of light was both awe-inspiring and creative. With each image, he combined the use of light and fragments of other pictures to create a haunting or thought provoking lamp shade. His use of mirrors images with light created an interesting look for the bottom of the lamps. His wife, Gayle Kabaker, focused on more patterned lamps and watercolors. The watercolors depicted portraits of flamboyant women in interesting costumes. Less atmospheric than Peter Kitchell’s lamps, they didn’t inspire me as much, but provided another look into the art world, which, beside the lamps, made for a well-rounded showing.

Here is a link to Gayle’s website and blog.

Here is the link to Peter Kitchell’s website.

To find out more about events at the Pushkin Gallery in Greenfield, MA, open this link.–venues–648625


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