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October 25, 2011; Three Sister’s Sanctuary.

by on November 1, 2011

Three Sister’s Sanctuary, “Where nature and art are joined.”

Richard Richardson, the proprietor of and artist behind the Three Sister’s Sanctuary created it as a place for healing and growing. Anyone can come here and feel healed; some part of this sanctuary can speak to anyone there, be it the amphitheater, the mannequins, the fountains, or the rock gardens.

He uses found art from the woods near his house, the surrounding areas, and also from what people bring him and what he buys from people at tag sales and junk sales. This pretty much means anything; just from walking in you can see bicycles, mannequins, glass, stone, figurines, and so so much more. He really uses everything, I think thats why this place so easily spoke to everyone, because there was something that everyone can relate to.

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He started building he sanctuary 19 years ago, after his daughter died, and he has continued to build and expand it up until this day. He built it, like I said earlier, as a place for himself to heal. Now it is a place open to the public where any person can come to heal themselves. Originally when he started the project he gave himself 20 years to finish the project. Now with one year left he still thinks that he has a lot to do and finish, but I think he is almost as done as one can get.

The one thing he wanted us to take away from our visit, though, was to never, ever, back down from a challenge.


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