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East Street Clay Studios

by on March 6, 2012

Artist: Mara Superior, Title: Mates for Life - click to go back to previous page

February 14th, 2012

On Valentine’s day, Christy Knox’s advanced ceramics class and Visual Studies headed to East Street Clay Studios to visit with artists Donna McGee and Mara Superior and hopefully get to attempt their techniques. While Donna McGee works in red earthenware clay and uses sgraffito to sketch gesture drawings onto slab pots, Mara Superior has a very different technique. She works in porcelain with sprig embellishments of mementoes she has found on her travels to Europe and around the U.S.

We arrived at the studio where we were greeted with heart shaped lemon cookies and introduced to both artists. Mara had set out some of her plaster molds along with clay to make molds out of. While she introduced us to the history of the sprig technique and showed us an antique sprig plate she had acquired, we got to experiment with the molds and make our own sprig designs.

Scene + Seen February 2012 (108 of 132)

When she began to talk about the work she is currently making, she brought out a beautiful platter with two mermaids and sea shells on the edges. She also showed us her collection of work in her studio, including a teapot that featured the Obama and the White House, a teapot with two swans, and several little sculptures she was working on.
The work of both women was fascinating and inspiring. Both of them have been working at East Street Clay Studios for at least 20 years, where seven people originally worked, while now only the two of them remain.


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