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Jonathan Winfisky

by on March 6, 2012

Coloring our glass

I’m Miikka and I’m an exchange student from Finland. I’m having an exchange year in Colrain MA and I go to the Academy at Charlemont. Charlemont Academy gave me a change to take visual studies as a part of my studio block classes. Class is giving me a great opportunity to see local artists and culture what I probably wouldn’t be able to see on my own. I have always been interested about art in some kind of way, my prefers change every now and then.

All that I had experienced about art of classbloving in the past have been seeing work of Alvar Aalto in Finland. He is most known design artist in Finland and my expectations in classwork are the factory produced works of him. I have always wondered how it is like to work with class and it’s been a great mystery for me.

Tuesday January 31st we made a couple of hour class trip to Jonathan Winfisky’s class studio in Charlemont Massachusetts. It was also my first visual studies class trip. Studio was in peaceful spot and view from his studio to outside was just magnificent. I was surprised that there is still people who can make a living from art without getting lagged in the legs of big corporations.

Jonathan’s presentation wasnt just shoving what cool things he can do with class, he also told us the story how he find his way to be class artist and to put up a studio in Charlemont. Being a classblower isn’t just making pretty bowls if you want to make living. You have to know the science of class and every other aspect from building you oven to know how to sell your work. Jonathan Winfisky’s wife Leslie is part of his studio, she makes the business work.

Also we got to see how to add color combinations inside of class works and how there is many ways that have an affect for what kind of piece of art you are able to do. We also got to do our own little class ornament’s wich was a new experience for me.


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