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by on April 17, 2012

April 10th our visual studies class went to see Clark Remix exhibition.

When you start your exhibition you are able to take touch screen tablet with ear buds for your own use. In the tablet you can browse pictures and more information about the art pieces of the exhibition. All the artwork was numbered and it was easy to find more info every peace. Some of the artwork had audio commentary and video commentary which shoved close-ups from paintings. It was really neat way to learn more.

Touchscreen made it much more interesting to find out more about some artworks, also you could spot some things about the art pieces from touch screen more easily. It was more interesting also to hear more about things in the exhibition from tablet than reading from piece of paper.

IT is a good idea to combine more technology in to art and museum. I think it might draw more new people in, at least I was much more excited about the exhibit because of all those technical stuff they had there to make experience more complete. I hope there would be more use of technology in the museums than just recorded taps you can listen to

Also in the gallery you were able to create your own exhibition from the gallery’s art. They had couple computers and touch screens where you could choose your favourite art and but it on room however you want and after that you could just save it to computer and add some comments to your art exhibit.

Some of the creation can be found and you can create your own from here:



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