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visiting MASS MoCA

by on May 1, 2012

MASS MoCA’s Invisible Cities exchibition was our latest target what we visited.

The featured works range from the representational to the abstract, reminding us that any city is as much an idea or psychological and emotional experience as an assemblage of asphalt, brick, steel, and glass. The artists translate various cities – or the impressions that they conjure — in charcoal, paint, wallpaper, plaster, soap, and even light and sound, reminding us of the role all the senses play in knowing or remembering place.”(

This artpiece is made by Slovenian artist Miha Štrukelj. He had combined different urban landscapes to one whole artwork, wich came alive from the wall by wires that continue building the frames of the city. This huge charcoal wall draving is interseting full ensemble, i have not seen this kind of exhibiton before. When you move closer to this work you can see how the artist have worked with space and I really enjoyed it.

Miha Štrukelj is more specialized in painting works. More of him and his thoughts about this work you can find from


“Invisible Cities includes work by Lee Bul, Carlos Garaicoa, and Sopheap Pich, as well as major new commissions by Diana Al Hadid, Francesco Simeti, Miha Strukelj, and local artists Kim Faler and Mary Lum.” (


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